Wood Wall

“Reconfiguration of a tree” is a research project focused on Pinus Pinaster, a resinous tree harvested for its pitch. Studio thomas Vailly took a natural element, the Pinus Pinaster tree, ripped it apart – rearranging its elements into man made materials. The result is an abstraction of a tree, a black matter joining, coating, blending in and contrasting with pine wood.

To reveal the full potential of the material, black resin and pine wood has been delivered to David Derksen, Gardar Eyjolfsson, Lex Pott who each reconfigured a part of the tree into products.

In the light of the title of this project , the wood has been considered as a building stone. A room divider made from 350 wooden ‘bricks’, forms a sculptural wall in the space. The blocks are held together by the black pine resin, becoming the cement of the wall.

For more info about the whole project go to the page of Thomas Vailly.


David Derksen