Salone del Mobile Milan 2015 - Tuttobene exhibition

At the Tuttobene exhibition in Milan this year, we will show a new part of the Copper Project.

The Copper Project – Mining

The mines that are the source of the copper ore, are very intriguing. Their relief patterns and the colors of the ore and rocks, are often very beautiful. However, at the same time these mines are scars in the landscape, made by immense machines and the brute force of explosives.

The structures of these mines, as can be seen on satellite photo’s, form fascinating patterns in the earth. These sometimes abstract images have been used to make a series of etchings. The prints have been made with a traditional technique where copper plates with an etched relief are used to transfer the ink onto the paper. Together, they show the intriguing and intimidating world of copper mining, a story about copper in copper etchings.

Officine della Torneria, Via Novi 520144 Milan
Zona Tortona

David Derksen