Objects for Sale exhibition - Dutch Design Week 2012

During Dutch Design Week 2012, the Dewar Glassware collection was presented as part of the 'Objects for Sale' exhibition at Sectie C.Within Objects for Sale we questioned how product prices are determined and how they can be better communicated to the consumer, the idea to “open the books” showing the breakdown where the prices and calculations are based on, thus giving total insight in the design and production process.

The eight participating design studios have decided to break from the norm to clarify the design process placing it within three price categories that address different budgets as this year's subject, where each choice within the process has a direct influence on the final design and the bottom line.
By doing this the designers in their own unique way have readjusted their design parameters to offer high quality and affordable products that are actually attainable during the Dutch Design Week.

All photography by Amy Kouwenhoven.


David Derksen