Finalist Young Designer Award - Dutch Design Awards 2015

I am very happy to announce that I have been selected as a one of the 3 finalist for the Young Designer Award, as part of the Dutch Design Award.

From the official press release:

Three finalists
Dutch Design Awards (DDA) presents and rewards the best in Dutch design each year. The Young Designer Award is the special encouragement prize for young talent. From a total of 95 submissions the committee, chaired by Saskia van Stein (Bureau Europa), selected three finalists: David Derksen, Barbara Langendijk and Teresa van Dongen.

Trends and developments

The selection committee spotted great attention for form and aesthetics among the submissions this year, and an increase in the number of cooperative ventures. Young designers are increasingly showing their awareness that working with experts, often from outside their own field, lends added value to the final result. Designers even appear to be moving towards a more all-round approach; and correspondingly a growing number produce their own small-scale projects facilitated by the increasing number of technologies, and attention for the entrepreneurship component of working as a designer is on the up. The committee praises the general level of submissions, but emphasises that with the diversity of schools of discipline it is essential that design is not just aesthetically brilliant but also socially relevant.

Dutch Design Awards
Dutch Design Awards are internationally renowned prizes for the best in the field of Dutch design. The prize-giving, an exhibition of the work of all the finalists during Dutch Design Week and the publication of the Dutch Design Yearbook (in cooperation with nai010 publishers) form a platform for the full spectrum of Dutch design.

Selection committee:
David Derksen’s portfolio displays many layers and striking versatility. Derksen practices multiple disciplines and uses an extremely diverse range of materials; even so, his work remains recognisable and he is consistent in his approach to design. All the individual products appear to be pieces of a larger whole with an unequivocal vision. Aesthetic, experiment and material development converge in Derksen’s designs with a single narrative.

David Derksen