AUTOFFICINA show in Lambrate - Milan 2010

During the Salone del Mobile in Milan, we have organised a group show in old car garage in the Lambrate area.


A moment of contemplation, an invitation to stand still and observe. Visiting the exhibition “Autofficina, a still life composition” is like walking into a storyline which just came to a pause.

Still life compositions originate in the art of painting. The artist carefully selected the objects, studying shape, colour and texture. The aim was to create a composition in which the arrangement and beauty of the depicted objects were captured in a moment.

A group of prominent Dutch Designers is fascinated by this keen attention to detail and composition. At the Salone del Mobile 2010 in Milan they create their own still life, a one-time setting in which their carefully selected products come together in a composition of textures,
colours, shapes and functions.

The assembly of products creates an interesting dialogue. Projected not on canvas but on ones retina. The Autofficina still life expresses both the dialogue between the products as well as between the designers. The hasty visitor is challenged to stand still and have a closer look.

The exhibitors are looking for international producers, retailers or galleries. All items are either in production or ready to be produced.


David Derksen